International Workshop on Clouds and (eScience) Applications Management - CloudAM 2012

In conjunction with the 5th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing

Chicago, USA. November 5th, 2012

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Technical Program

Time Title/Autors
10:30 AM The Impact of Hypervisor Layer on Database Applications
Daniel Yokoyama, Victor Dias, Henrique Kloh, Matheus Bandini, Fabio Porto, Bruno Schulze and Antonio Mury
11:00 AM Context-aware Job Scheduling for Cloud Computing Environments
Marcos Assuncao, Marco Netto, Fernando Koch and Silvia Bianchi
11:30 AM A Survey on Cloud Computing Elasticity
Guilherme Galante and Luis Carlos Erpen De Bona
12:00 PM Lunch
01:30 PM A Representation Model for Virtual Machine Allocation
Giacomo Mc Evoy, Bruno Schulze and Fabio Porto
02:00 PM A SNMP-based Virtual Machines Management Interface
Ricardo Hillbrecht and Luis Carlos Erpen De Bona
02:30 PM Risk and Cost Tradeoffs via Stochastic Optimization Models for Improving Cloud Computing Performance
Jue Wang and Siqian Shen